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Update 10 dec: I’ve contacted back in November but I’ve yet to hear from them. No funny transactions on my credit card so far, so at least that’s good.

We took a weekend trip to Sighisoara recently – a small medieval town in the heart of Romania. While it was a nice stay, there’s one little thing that bothered me greatly.

I used to rent a hotel room, and I had to guarantee my reservation to the hotel with a credit card. Upon arrival at said hotel, I was baffled to see my full credit card details, including my CVV/CVC, printed on a piece of paper.

Yes, you read it right: my full credit card data. Once home, I went through the purchase process again, went through email receipts and’s Privacy and Terms pages – there is no mention of this what-so-ever. Also of interest: there’s no mention of PCI-DSS on their website, which should have ticked me off, were I not overjoyed at the thought of our upcoming getaway. has over 500.000 listings as of mid-2014. is one of the leading travel sites, with over 200M monthly visits as of June this year. While the bulk of its traffic comes from Europe, the web site is rapidly growing in the United States (source: In July 2014, announced they passed 500.000 listings.

Acquired in 2006 by the US-based Priceline group, is the group’s highest earner, making over 2/3 of the total revenue (source: Priceline’s share price continues to grow steadily since the acquisition, which analysts consider the most profitable travel acquisition of the past decade, as cited by is based in Amsterdam – the host of the “PCI Europe” event. is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands – a city hosting the 8th edition of the PCI Europe conference in just a few days. The irony won’t escape anyone.

I don’t understand how this is possible, so I’ll keep looking into the issue. My first action will be to contact themselves and see what they have to say. I found many posts on the web with similar issues, some dating as far as 2010. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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